fredag, september 01, 2006

To Daisy Fuentes

Hello Daisy. My friends filmed me when I snubbled. They said I saw funny out. So I thinked I send the film to the funny program AFV (Americas Funniest Videos) as I can see on Kanal 5 here in Sweden. But you hav slut, why? The only thing that I can see you on is some reklam on TV-shop for some pilates trainingmethod but Im not so fat so I dont need that pryl.
Are you coming back to AFV? Or shall I just send the film to the new guy?
Best regards.


Blogger Vargakvinnan said...

Efter Daisy så var det ett töntigt par som skulle vara syskon, med lika klatschiga repliker, för att ersättas med Tom Bergeron. Har jag hört.

01 september, 2006 02:06  
Blogger Heliotropen said...

Du ljuger! Din blogg är inte alls tråkig.

01 september, 2006 11:50  
Anonymous Daisy Fuentissima said...

Dear Rex!
Thank you for your letter. I would really like to see your funny snubbel-video. Maybe I could also give you some training advice?

How old are you by the way? Is it true that you are a slim guy? I have heard that swedish guys have many interesting ideas about, eh, training – maybe we can exchange some advices?

Best Regards
Daisy Fuentissima

01 september, 2006 16:56  
Blogger Pia-Pralin said...

Det blir kanon rex, du kommer garanterat få svar, din engelska är mycket korrekt! :-)

02 september, 2006 22:33  

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